We are a small independent team of professional Support Coordinators, each with an average of 25 years of experience 

With our wide range of experience, you are in safe hands with our services


All Pathway Connect staff have relevant tertiary training and a minimum of 25 yrs of  expertise in planning and coordinating supports for people with disabilities. We have a strong track record of managing complex barriers to participation, assisting people with key transitions such as return to work and study, moving toward greater independence, as well as in negotiation to improve service outcomes for people with disabilities.

Our combined expertise covers:

Acquired Brain Injury
Newly Acquired Disability
Intellectual Disability
Physical Disability
Complex Neurological Conditions
Progressive impairments
Sensory Disability
Complexity due to comorbid issues 

Dawn Veale

I have a depth of training and expertise developed over 28 yrs across the health and disability sectors, particularly supporting people with complex disability, people impacted by complex psycho-social challenges as well as people needing to establish community supports post rehabilitation.I have a proven track record negotiating to establish effective and responsive supports for people with newly acquired disability, Acquired Brain Injury, Stroke or complex Neurological conditions. and sensory impairments.

Katrina Kavanagh 

I bring to Pathway Connect an excellent knowledge of service options, extensive local networks and training skills to facilitate capacity building and person centered practice. Following decades of work across the justice, disability and community service sectors,  I went on to teach new workers the key principles of quality practice and how to effectively navigate complex service systems. I have broad understanding of a range of disability impacts and how best to support people challenged by service systems.

Kirsty Clark

I have worked across the disability and community service sector for 25 Yrs, supporting people with intellectual disability as well as complex disability needs, and then teaching these skills to new workers in the sector. I have extensive experience in assisting people to learn independence skills, and in developing and implementing individual plans to achieve personal goals and aspirations.

Francis Day

26 Yrs ago I began to assist people with wide ranging disabilities to help them realise their goals; including those entering training, employment and creating new community links. This has included assisting people with dual disabilities and coexisting needs in the preparation and implementation of their person centered plans. I have worked with people with intellectual disability, physical disability, sensory impairment and mental health concerns. I have also developed skills in new workers in these sectors and have developed extensive industry networks. I am well prepared to support participants to develop their capacities and confidence further, and to make vital links in their communities.

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